What will be done with the Astrodome?

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DOMEHOUSTON, TX – Let’s talk Dome! You know, the big eyesore next to Reliant Stadium. Kidding.

The city is oh so close to seeing something done about it. It just needs your vote.

“We’ve got an asset here. It belongs to the tax payers of Harris County. We need to make the best possible use of it going forward,” said Harris County Judge Ed Emmett.

In true political fashion, city leaders formed a PAC to make sure you say “yes” to the New Dome Experience.

We got a look at what it’s all about back in June when the plan was unveiled. The building would be gutted out and transformed into a mulch-purpose special events center.

“People say well we’ve got a lot of stadiums, we got a lot of convention centers. Yes we do. But we don’t have anything like this,” said Emmett.

It sounds kind of cool, but cool things cost money.

The guys with the Harris County Sport and Convention Corporation say each household would see an increased property tax of four-tenths of a cent. It’s a small price to save something so historic to our city.

And for those of you who want it torn down, that costs money too.

The new Dome goes up for a vote on the Harris County ballot November 5th.

Happy campaign season!