HISD bonus program brings drop outs back to class

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HOUSTON, TX – You know what they say… money talks!

Officials with Houston Independent School District picked up on that memo. They created the incentive program, Youth Watch.
School Support Services Officer Lupita Hinojosa said, “This actually started on the very first day of school when we realized that some of our students had not returned to school.”
She said about 4,000 students district-wide were not in attendance on the first day.

School officials are now calling on current students to help. If a student brings in a classmate who has dropped out, he or she gets a hundred dollar gift card.
There are stipulations, of course. Re-enrolled students will have to remain enrolled through the fall semester or meet graduation requirements by December.
“Go out, talk to your friends, talk to your cousins. Encourage them, motivate them, tell them to come back. Tell them that there’s options because teens listen to other teens,” said Hinojosa.
The deadline is September 26th.

Maybe you can put a price on education.