Houston doctor suffers stroke while treating patient

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SPRING, TX– Doctors saving patients: happens every day. But patients saving doctors? Not so much. That’s what happened to pediatrician Charnette Taylor.

“I was seeing patients, and all of a sudden, I got this overwhelming feeling to sit down,” said Taylor. “And I remember taking a deep breath, and I kind of collapsed on the chair. I was seeing a baby and the parent of the baby said, ‘Dr. Taylor. are you okay? Do you need help?'”

She did… and her nurses came rushing in. “I wasn’t responding with words and I didn’t know that,” the doctor explains, “I was going, ‘Um, um, um, um.'” She tried getting someone to call her husband on her cellphone but couldn’t recognize the letters to type in her own pass code.

The 38-year-old M.D., who has always watched her blood pressure, cholesterol and got regular checkups, unfortunately had a stroke.