Wife shoots husband while stopped at a light in Harris County

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HARRIS COUNTY – They say all is fair in love in war, but we have a feeling one Houston-area husband might disagree. He’s recovering at Ben Taub Hospital after his wife allegedly shot him while they were arguing in the car.

Harris county deputies say it happened off of Imperial Valley and Bammel at around 11 p.m. Friday. According to the deputies, the pair was arguing at the intersection. That’s when the wife pulled out a semi-automatic hand gun and shot her husband twice.

Deputies say he then fell out the driver’s side door, but the car was still in gear. (Yea, guess the wife didn’t think that one through.) So what happens next? The SUV keeps rolling into a field until it finally hits a tree. Deputies say the wife then took off running but was later found and arrested.

As for the husband, he sought refuge at a Little Caesar`s Pizza, where he was able to call for help. He’s expected to live, though this marriage might suffer a different fate.