Homeland Security test facial recognition at hockey game

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KENNEWICK, WA – Here’s one for you guys that really says “Big Brother is watching us”.

In southeast of Seattle, at their dinky Toyota Center, researchers with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory will be testing some facial recognition technology at a hockey game as a favor for the Department of Homeland Security.

It’s a lot like the movies, but it may also be our new reality. So far 20 volunteers will be the only mugs the cameras will be trying to identify at the game, so fret not all you paranoids. Fans at the game will be told how to avoid the cameras if they don’t want to contribute.

We all saw what happened in Boston. A couple of idiots running around town leading authorities on a wild goose chase; nobody could even identify who they were at first.

Sure, it may be perceived by some as intrusive to privacy, but then what do you have to hide if you’re an upstanding citizen?

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