Lawyers explain the Constitution to elementary kids

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HOUSTON, TX – We the people… Over 200 years have passed and these three words still matter. It’s Constitution Day, folks, and even though we honor our founding fathers and their vision, it’s still on us to strive to form a more perfect union.

Today, the Houston Bar Association volunteers spread over 21 different school districts to read stories and share the fundamentals of our democracy with elementary school kids.

“The Constitution is our founding document” – explained attorney Zachary Ring at the Yorkshire Academy -, “it lays down the laws of the land and it’s very important to take a minute like today and observe all the things we stand for and the things that the country was built on.”

And after listening very carefully, the children expressed their own opinions:

“I like the Constitution because it makes our country a better place to live” – said Freya.

“If I were the President I would help the poor and save our country from smoking” – promised Nick.¬† But Freya disagreed: “I wouldn’t like to be President because it involves a lot of work and basically I have no idea what to do.”

Very cute, but for the well-being of our nation, let’s hope somebody does.