Family helping bring awareness to prescription drug abuse

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HOUSTON – When we think of teen drug abuse, we think of street drugs like marijuana, cocaine or crack. But there`s another problem that some don`t think of: prescription drug abuse. That`s where the Medicine Abuse Project comes in.

‘It`s our goal to prevent half a million kids from using and abusing prescription drugs,’ said Becky Vance, regional director of the Partnership at

It`s a scenario the Gerl family knows all too well. Their son Nick used to be addicted to prescription medication.

‘It got to the point where I didn`t care anymore, whether it was about me or my family.  It`s like I was taking risks everyday to get what I wanted and that was drugs,’ Nick said.

Nick didn`t have to go far to find the drugs he so badly craved.

‘That`s when I really started exploring my own cabinets. I was desperate. I didn`t have my phone. I didn`t have Facebook. I couldn`t ask anyone for drugs, so I started finding anything I could and that`s when I found codeine in my own house,’ he explained.

It`s situations like that, which the Medicine Abuse Project wants parents to know about. They want parents to be aware of their medicines and locking them up. They also want them to know how to get rid of them properly, too.

It may be a tough story to tell, but the Gerl family just hopes that by sharing their story, they can help someone else.