First woman in space wants to be first woman on Mars

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MOSCOW, RUSSA – At 76, most people are ready to kick back and enjoy a leisurely retirement. But Russian Valentina Tereshkova wants a different sorta trip — a trip to Mars!

You might recognize Valentina’s name. She was the first woman in space 50 years ago. Now she wants to head back out there– permanently! She’s signed up to be considered for the Mars One mission (along with 165,000 other wannabes).

She says it’s been a dream of hers to go to the red planet to find out if life ever existed there, and if it did, what happened to it. If she’s approved for the one-way trip in 2022, she’d be 85, the oldest person ever in space.

Is it just a pipe dream? Bas Lansdorp, the Dutch dude behind the Mars One space trip, says no. He’s just looking to find groups of four healthy people from different continents who can work well together.