Suspects in Subway shooting captured

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HOUSTON, TX – Big crimes make headlines, but the people those crimes effect don’t always make the cut. Well today, they do.

We told you about the horrific Subway store shooting that happened in south Houston last week where customer Christopher McGrew’s life was cut short. We showed you the two 17-year-old suspects in probable cause court, and we’re just learning how the Houston Police Department was able to track the two boys down.

Investigator Richard Bolten, of HPD’s Homicide Division, said in a press conference that suspect Dante Talbert was arrested in Southeast Houston during a narcotics search warrant. After interviewing Talbert, where he allegedly confessed to his part in the crime, police were able to pick up the second suspect, Xavier Jones.

So, they’ve got their suspects and a confession, but that doesn’t mean this case is closed for Christopher McGrew’s family.

His brother, Terry Johnson, had a message for the two boys now behind bars. He expressed forgiveness to the two, and was saddened for the two who ruined the potential lives they could’ve lived, saying in part, “…one night, over less than 100 dollars, you chose to give all that up… I just want to let people know, crime don’t pay and if yall are out there they will catch you.”

Christopher’s cousin showed an amazing amount of kindness and grace to the two people who probably deserve it the least telling media in a press conference, “…At this time we’re concerned with the fact that the kids that did this are really kids… I can honestly say that I forgive you. That’s very hard, but they have to live with [what they’ve done] for the rest of their lives.”

Living with what they’ve allegedly done will be tough for the young suspects, but maybe they will learn a thing or two from this family.