Texans bandwagoners are jumping ship

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bandwagonHOUSTON, TX – All the Texans bandwagoners are kicking themselves today that’s for sure. You all saw the game against the Ravens. The now 2 and 1 Texans found themselves in a hole early on, just like the previous two games, but on this game day, they wouldn’t be able crawl out of that it.

It’s easy to blame the QB, a typical bandwagon response, but they may have something here?! With plays like the throw to Owen Daniels that was run back by the Ravens’ Daryl Smith for a 37-yard touchdown and snowballing that a 82-yard punt return by Tandon Doss. Those are just two sloppy plays that have bandwagoners and die-hards alike upset.

It is still early in the season though. Heck, it’s still early enough that you could jump off the wagon, go watch another team that sucks and then comeback on the bandwagon for the playoffs.

One catch there though, the Texans actually have to get us to the playoffs.