Texas is running out of the drugs for lethal injections

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DRUGSHUNTSVILLE, TX – There’s a drug shortage in Texas, and how you feel about it may depend on what side of the needle you’re on.

Texas is one of 33 states that use lethal injection for its executions. Most states mix up a 3-drug cocktail, but Texas uses just one, pentobarbital.

And why is that, you may ask?

Well, since you asked, it’s because Lundbeck, the Danish company that makes pentobarbital, said it wasn’t going to supply the drug to states that use it to kill people.

As of May 2012, Texas had enough pentobarbital in the medicine cabinet to execute 23 prisoners.

This week, Robert Gene Garza became number 21. He’s the South Texas gang member who helped ambush and kill four women in the Rio Grande Valley. He tried to get a stay of execution by claiming the drug was reaching the end of its shelf life and might not work.

Next week will be Arturo Diaz`s turn. And if that happens, there’ll be just enough left for one more.

But Texas has four more hombres scheduled for their shots by the end of the year. Something tells us they won’t be cutting in line to be next, and last.