Anthony Weiner may cost wife her career

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NEW YORK, NY – Will she, or won’t she? While this question is directed at Hillary Clinton and her possible run for president in 2016, all eyes are on a different key female player in the Clinton cabinet.

We don’t even know if the former Secretary of State is going to go for it, but people seem to want to know if she does, who will be on her team.

Well, according to a close associate of Clinton’s, it won’t be Huma Abiden if she’s still with her husband and serial sexter Anthony Weiner.

The source supposedly said, “Huma has a choice to make… Does she go with Anthony or does she go with Hillary?”

New York Magazine is the one putting this info out there for everyone to gasp at.

Whether or not the ultimatum actually came from Clinton is unknown.

We do know a few things. Abiden has been part of the Hillary wheelhouse since 1996, so they’re basically besties.

We also know any association with Weiner comes a sack full of ammunition for political hopefuls and critics.

And after her failed run in 2008, Clinton can’t afford to run with Weiner and shoot blanks.

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