Did Broncos’ Von Miller try to cheat on a drug test?

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millerDENVER, CO – Is former Texas A&M star and current Denver Broncos linebacker, Von Miller, a conspiracy theorist?

Miller had been suspended for 6 games, more than the normal 4 game suspension and now we know why.

Reports are out that Miller was allegedly working with a star-struck urine-sample collector to try and cheat on a drug test. Sources say Miller’s camp was ready to fight the original suspension until Mr. Miller and the sample collector decided to allegedly pull a switch-a-roo with the samples.

According to the allegations, the collector apparently agreed to swap another persons’ pee with Miller’s to ensure a clean drug test, and it would’ve worked had the second sample-collector with Drug Free Sport not realized Miller was not in the city he was supposed to be tested in.

Kind of sounds like an episode of Scooby Doo, huh? If not for those meddling kids!

So, Now Miller’s in the dog house and clearly it’s time to lay off the Scooby-Snacks!

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