Grocery store wants to sell expired food to combat food waste

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HOUSTON, TX – Food for thought — we waste it. The average American family throws away hundreds of dollars’ worth of food every year. But just because the sell by date has come and gone, doesn’t necessarily mean the food is bad.

Doug Rauch, the former president of Trader Joe’s is opening market that will repackage and prepare some of these foods sold at affordable prices. Intended to help those who can’t afford to shop at the high end markets.

The project is called the DailyTable and it is intended on making use of fruits and veggies that may be a bit blemished, that won’t sell so well in the retail markets.

Giving food another chance. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come back to haunt you a second or third time.

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  • EndGroceryWaste

    We should address the waste problem in every link in our food supply chain.
    The large amount of fresh food waste is a lose-lose situation for the environment, retailers and the struggling families in today’s tough economy. The excess inventory of perishable food items close to their expiration in supermarkets causes waste.
    Why not let the consumer perform the perishables rotation in the supermarket by offering him purchasing incentives based on product’s remaining shelf life?
    There is a new GS1 DataBar global standard that enables an automatic incentive offering application for fresh food close to its expiration.
    The EndGroceryWaste application, which is based on GS1 DataBar standard, encourages efficient consumer shopping behavior that maximizes grocery retailer revenue and makes fresh food affordable for all families while effectively reducing the global carbon footprint.

    Chicago, IL

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