Own a piece of heaven: The Empire State Building

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NEW YORK, NY – If you’ve ever been in love, or even hoped to be in love, chances are your heart always ends up at the one place where it’s okay to just go ape.

That’s right, New York City’s tallest structure, the Empire State Building.

This art deco masterpiece has inspired some of Hollywood’s greatest love stories, from all the King Kongs where monkey business is taken to new heights, to all the affairs to remember. Remember?

And where finding love at the top of New York can leave you sleepless in Seattle.

The real estate family that owns the empire state building needs a lot of cash, so they’re selling shares in the skyscraper in October.

They hope to raise a billion dollars by making more than 71-million shares available to the general public for somewhere between $13 and $15 each.

That’s more than you’d pay for stock in Blackberry, but the chances are good the Empire State Building will be around a lot longer.

So now you have a the chance to live the dream and own a piece of heaven.

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