Subway shooting suspect appears in court

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HOUSTON, TX – A cold murder at a cold cut shop. A botched robbery on September 17th at a Subway restaurant left 36-year old Christopher McGrew dead and two 17-year old suspects behind bars.

While September 17th was McGrew’s death day, it also just so happened to be one of the suspect’s birthdays. This guy: Xavier Bernard Jones. Jones is awaiting his court date, while Dante Wayne Talbert appeared at a Harris County courthouse Tuesday.

“The judge heard probable cause and she’s holding Dante at no bond,” said Allen Tanner, Dante’s attorney.

“[Dante’s] sad being locked up. He’s depressed being locked up,” Tanner added.

Dante wasn’t speaking, but his uncle had a lot to say.

“The man you have, Dante, is not guilty. He is not the man that y’all are looking for,” said Reginald Harris.

Reginald claims that Dante was not at the scene of the murder. When our cameraman asked how he knew that, Reginald responded:

“Because I know from my spirit and from my heart, it’s telling me that he was not there. He don’t have the heart for that.”

Well, someone had the heart for such a heartless act.

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