Teen breaks world record for running in high heels

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RUCKERSDORF, GERMANY – This next story may sound like some weird cross between Usain Bolt and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

It’s called ‘high heel’ racing, and yes, drag queens have a special race every year in the nation’s capital.

And yes, even guys who are straight try to drag race in a straight line while wearing stilettos. But that’s not what this story is about.

You see, high-heel racing is a real sport, with real rules, held all over the world. As with any sport, there’s always a super star, and in high-heel racing, that would be Julia Plecher of Germany.

She holds the Guinness World’s Record at 100 meters, clocking it at a blistering (and if you run in high heels, you know what we mean by blistering) 14.531 seconds.

Here she is in Germany when she set the record. In this race, she beat a guy while wearing heels, which is not the same as beating a guy while wearing high heels.

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