Deputies try serving warrant, suspects open fire

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HOUSTON, TX – It was like a bad game of cops and robbers, first at a house on Madewood at Monteigne. Houston police say two Hispanic males tried breaking into a home. The two were shouting that they were police and for the homeowner to open up. The only problem, the homeowner was actually a cop.

The officer got his gun and opened fire at the two. They fired back. The officer was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. He thinks he shot the suspects, but they still managed to get away.

The other incident happened at Colomba at Glenwick. Officers say they went to the house to serve a warrant. When they got there, the male suspect saw police approaching, grabbed a gun and shot himself.

No word what the warrant was all about. But as for these two games of cops and robbers, looks like the game`s over!