Kanye at war with Jimmy Kimmel?

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LOS ANGELES, CA – 2Pac & Biggie. Jay Z & Nas. Kanye & Kimmel?!

We’ve seen some epic rap feuds over the years, but this is ridiculous.

Kanye West launched a Twitter war with Jimmy Kimmel, after the comedian poked fun at him for–wait for it–having such an enormous ego.

It all started with a recent interview Kanye did with the BBC.

Kanye makes all kinds of outrageous statements, including that he’s the world’s biggest rock star and the inventor of leather jogging pants.

Kimmel thought it would be funny to take the transcript from the interview and have a kid reenact it.

‘Big’ Kanye responded to the spoof like any mature adult–he threw a hissy fit on twitter.

But who knows if this “feud” is the real deal.

After all, Kimmel fooled us all with that ‘twerking fail’ video.