Lindsay Lohan’s half-sister gets plastic surgery to look like her

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HOUSTON, TX – Have you seen the latest edition of InTouch Magazine?

Neither had we, but this feature on Ashley Horn, 18, got our attention.

She’s the product of a marital affair by Michael Lohan, making her Lindsay Lohan’s half-sister.

Now her face is the product of Houston surgeon, Dr. Franklin Rose.

“All we really wanted to do was soften some of Ashley’s features, did rhinoplasty, did a little augmentation in the cheek and chin area and kinda sculpted the neck,” said Rose.

It was all in an attempt to look like LiLo. But Ashley insists she’s not like her sis at all.

“I guess the image of Lindsay Lohan is that she’s kind of flakey and drug ridden and this/that… but this is the kind of the anti-Lindsay Lohan,” said Rose.

So Ashley wants Lindsay’s face, just not her reputation.

Well, sorry sister. The $25,000 you spent may have gotten you a new face (one that landed in a tabloid) but it’s far from a Parent Trap moment.

We don’t see the resemblance. All we see is the cheap red hair dye.

And if this sounds like an attempt at 15 minutes of fame, it is.

“She is an opera singer, and she thought that this might help launch her entertainment career.”

If Ashley wanted to fit in with the “Plastics” this was one way to do it.