Mayoral candidate Ben Hall calls Mayor Parker ‘corrupt’

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HOUSTON, TX – What’s a political campaign without a little mudslinging?

Houston Mayoral candidate Ben Hall says he has the dirt on Mayor Annise Parker.

He’s calling her entire administration ‘corrupt’.

Hall is accusing Parker of doling out lucrative city contracts to engineers, lawyers and contractors who donated big bucks to her campaign.

“We have discovered that, in exchange for $1million in contributions and direct in-kind services, the mayor has sponsored and/or promoted $65million in awards to contractors. That’s within this election cycle,” said Ben Hall.

It’s called ‘pay-to-play’–something Ben Hall says he is vowing to end if elected, and it’s also something he’s accused of doing himself!

In a statement released on Friday, Mayor Parker’s campaign called Hall ‘The king of pay-to-play’, pointing out that he resigned as city attorney in 1994 while under investigation for corruption involving city contracting practices.

Parker’s campaign called the accusation ‘absurd’ and a ‘political stunt.’

The whole thing is a he-said-she-said mess, and with the November 5th election day looming, it’ll be up to the voters to wade through the muck.