Military strike on Syria could push US gas prices higher

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CHICAGO, IL – Pumped some gas lately? Finally we’re seeing prices at the gas pumps that aren’t so scary.

Sarah Schimmer with AAA explained, “We’re paying about 40 cents less than we were at this time last year, so very good, very healthy news for consumers.”

But what will happen to those prices if the U.S. attacks Syria? A question worth considering since President Obama said he would attack, if Syria doesn’t live up to its deal to put its chemical weapons under international control.

A Gasbuddy survey of 20,000 Americans reveals that most expect a hike in prices if the U.S. strikes.

In the survey,  price increases varied from 15 cents per gallon to 51 cents, in the event of military action,  while only 11% of those asked, said it would have no effect.

None of the Houstonians we spoke with thought the U.S. should take part in the conflict.

Tom Watson said, “We ought to take a look at what we have in our own country for certain problems and quit trying to fix everything else in everyone else’s country. We got enough problems here. I think we ought to butt out.”

Sally Muhammad said, “I think it is our place to step in and try to help if we can, but to put our boys back out there to fight, I’m just against it.”

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