Oklahoma inmate’s fake illness, escape in prison van

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WEATHERFORD, OK – It happened in the movie ‘The Fugitive.’ You know, a prison bus crashes, inmates got loose and they got away. It was sort of like that in Oklahoma, but not quite.

The out-of-state inmates were being transported in a van when a few of them said they were feeling sick. It got so bad; the van took a detour and went to the Weatherford Regional Hospital. When the three of the inmates got off to get treated, the other eight stayed in the van. The driver didn’t want them to get hot, so he left the van on, keys in the ignition and all. Two inmates made their way to the front and drove off. The van was found less than a mile away with most of the inmates still locked in place. Two of them had gotten away, though. But their taste of freedom didn’t last long. They were caught the next day.

That’s how their easy exit turned into an easy longer sentence.