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Second time’s a charm for Houston food-truck owners

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sandwichHOUSTON, TX – We love Food Truck Fridays around here and our visit this month has a taste of fall – really a ‘taste’ of fall – the way we do it Texas. The official meat of the lone star state. Beef. As in, steak sandwiches.

“It’s a Texas beef thing,” says Houston food trucker, Ruth Lissky, “definitely.”

There are lots of ways to serve your beef around these parts, and none of them is wrong. But nothing says Texas better than chilaquiles and homemade salsa on top of a heaping mound of steak. Step aboard Third Coast Steak Sandwiches.

“We do local bread, we have local beef, we have local sausage, I make all the condiments myself.”

The secret here is letting it all hang out. Whether it’s the Asian-inspired Pho-Dip Sandwich or a smokehouse special known as the Longhorn, the idea was simple, make a menu Houston true. But Chew on This: for Ruth and partner Alberto Palmer, the kitchen-on-wheels concept is nothing new.

“We had a different concept that we’d been running for about a year and a half called Stick-it,” Ruth explains, “and Stick-it obviously, part of the name, we served stuff on a stick, anything from beef tenderloin to beer-battered fish and we got tired of stickin’ it, so we thought we’d try sandwiches.”

The idea is to grow the little red truck into a full-scale restaurant someday. Until then, the crew is happy keeping things between the white lines and turning out the sandwiches they hope will get them there.