Affordable healthcare exchanges open despite government shutdown

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s a new world. After years of politics and haggle, the affordable healthcare marketplace is open and ready for business.  Starting at 8:30 Tuesday morning, the Legacy Community Health Center in Montrose opened its doors to answer questions and start enrolling Houstonians.

“I’ve been uninsured since 2011,” says Travis Sheive, who came to explore his healthcare options. “I was on my parent’s healthcare plan but it got to expensive – I have a twin brother so they were paying for two kids – it eventually got too expensive for them to bear the burden anymore.”

36 states across the country opened the doors on affordable healthcare exchanges despite the government shutdown in Washington and continued technical difficulties with the official website,, making an interesting morning for those whose job it is to answer questions.

“People right now are worried,” Legacy Healthcare representative Clara Rodriguez explained. “They don’t want to be punished; they don’t want to pay a penalty, so they don’t know who to believe. So our job is to provide them with the most accurate information, impartial information and unbiased information.”

For Travis Sheive, at least, the turmoil in Washington plays little on his decision to buy into the President’s plan.

“I think that the president comes at the situation from a stronger negotiating point, and so I think eventually the people that are shutting down the government are going to have to cave.”

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