Government doors are closed, nobody knows for how long

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HOUSTON, TX – Federal employees furloughed from their jobs, anxious to find out when they’ll be back to work.

Many NASA contractors are concerned and want to know when they’ll be able to start earning a living again.

The government shutdown may hit close to home, especially if you’re trying to buy one. Federal office doors are closed, making it even more difficult to navigate the already complicated process of a home purchase.

Rich Bonn with Leader One Financial Corporation explained, “Loan programs like USDA that are completely dead. Right now you can still do VA loans; we believe you can still get FHA and your regular conventional loans. But for the folks in the under-served rural communities, it’s difficult for them.”

Even if your loan is on track, final approvals may be stopped by the shutdown. Lenders may not be able to verify tax returns through the IRS.

“We’re unable to get the 4506’s from the IRS,” says Bonn. “That’s basically put a stop to all lending until the government shutdown is rectified.”

Leaving home buyers stuck.

Andrew Adams, a home buyer said, “I have certain deadlines to meet for this to actually happen. If this doesn’t happen, this doesn’t get resolved in a rather timely manner, well, that is going to really alter where me and my children are going to be living.”

So now it’s a waiting game. How long before Washington gets its act together.

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