Texas leaders talking water

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HOUSTON, TX – There’s a shortage around these parts, and soon than later it’s going to be a big problem.

Texas gets a reported 1,500 new residents every day, not to mention the growing businesses.

“In terms of water, it’s clear. We need to be able to support our growing population and our growing economy, and that will require an investment in our water supply, plain and simple,” said Bob Harvey, CEO of Greater Houston Partnership.

Our lawmakers have drawn up Proposition 6. It’s a long-term solution to build enough pipelines and reservoirs and whatnot around the state.

All it needs is enough votes on November 5.

“The voters of Houston could well decide whether we secure a reliable supply of water for the decades to come,” said Speaker of the State House of Representatives, Joe Straus.

Prop 6 won’t increase taxes. The estimated $2 billion needed would come from the state’s rainy day fund.

That’s two things we always need more of: money and rain.

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