Venezuela’s president gives US diplomats 48 hours to get out of town

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CARACAS, VENEZUELA – Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro is giving three American diplomats 48 hours to get out of Dodge. Or at least vamoose from Venezuela.

Maduro claims the three Americans are trying to destabilize his country, but so far his ‘Yankee go home’ message has only been on television. The U.S. embassy hasn’t received anything official from the Venezuelan government.

Maduro says the three diplomats have met with opponents of his government, and has even given them money to help their campaign against Maduro, and is encouraging them to sabotage Venezuela’s economy and electrical system.

Maduro has been in office since March, about six months, and he’s made at least 11 accusations about plots to destabilize the country or kill him, about once every couple of weeks.

He even canceled plans to attend the UN General Assembly in New York last week because of alleged plots to physically harm him.

Guess we’ll never know now, will we?

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