Fall allergies expected to be bad this year

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HOUSTON, TX – OK, let’s talk about something annoying. Yes, allergies. Rumor has it, allergy season this year could be worse than usual.

“Ragweed season is typically from late September through early November,” explained Dr. David Engler, from the Houston Allergy Clinic. “But this year it’s gonna be particularly bad because of all the rain that we’ve had lately.”

Ragweed all over the place and the spread of allergens through the wind and other factors affecting weather conditions will keep the roughly 40 million Americans with allergies suffering the next few months.

“When you’re in the car have the air conditioning on, recirculation instead of fresh air, and the windows up,” recommends Dr. Engler. “But this is also the time of the year when it’s really pretty. So if you want to be outside remember that ragweed counts are much higher in the morning than they are in the evening.”

Now, before you jump to conclusions: Houston is not the worst city for allergies. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has ranked the Bayou City in 32nd place. There you go Houston Texans: allergies can’t be an excuse for everything.

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