School Bans Popular ‘Hump Day’ Phrase

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It’s the hottest thing to say, especially on Wednesday. “Guess what day it is? It’s Hump Day!” The hump day catch phrase from the Geico commercial featuring a camel is catching on everywhere, including the halls at Vernon Center Middle School in Connecticut.

Students say that “everybody’s walking around in the hallways and saying its hump day in that weird voice.”

The superintendent says some 6th grade boys used the phrase so much it was disruptive to class. And we’re not talking about just on Wednesdays. They would use it to count down to hump day, so pretty much every day.

As a result the phrase has been banned from the school.

Can you blame the teachers? Can you imagine how annoying it would be to hear the catchphrase over and over? Like nails on a chalkboard. Geico please come out with another stupid animal commercial. I’ll be as happy as a camel on Hump Day.

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.

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