12-year-old boy saves soldier in Colorado lake

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LAKE GEORGE, CO – The waters of 11-mile Reservoir on Lake George, Colo., are calm now, but last weekend they almost became a deathtrap for a US soldier on a weekend kayaking trip.

Staff sergeant Wesley Patton found himself in peril when his kayak flipped over in the choppy waters.

12-year-old Adin Pruett and his dad were fishing nearby. “I yelled to him are you okay? And he said uh yeah.”

But then it all went bad.

The soldier’s kayak was sinking, but he was tangled in his nets and fishing gear. “As it was filling with water, the boat was pulling me under.”

Adin tossed anything in the boat that might save the drowning soldier, a cushion, a life-jacket.

Spitting and sputtering, Patton made it to the edge of the boat.

Once on-board, everyone realized Patton was having an asthma attack.

Adin got Patton’s inhaler once they reached shore.

A nation’s hero saved by a hero.

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