Peanut butter could reduce breast cancer risk

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butterBOSTON, MA – Peanuts and boobs — what’s the connection?

It turns out the legume (nope, it’s not really a nut, it’s from the bean family) could help adolescent and teen girls ward off breast disease.

Researchers have found a connection between eating peanut butter regularly and a significant drop in the risk of developing benign breast disease, which is noncancerous.

Researchers didn’t study the link between peanut butter and malignant breast cancer, and the study only showed an association between eating peanut butter and breast disease, but it doesn’t show that peanuts can definitely prevent breast disease. It’s a nugget for further research.

By eating the creamy butter twice a week as kids, the risk of benign breast disease was reduced by 39%, especially in girls who had a history of breast cancer in their family.

Hopefully you’re not allergic to the goobers.

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