Truckers line up in protest on government shutdown

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Washington D.C. – Seems like everyone has something to say about our government, and how you choose to express your feelings is up to you.

In Washington D.C. a few dozen truckers circled the capital beltway as part of their government protest. The group, dubbed “Ride for the Constitution”, hit the streets Friday morning. Their mission is to drive the 64 mile beltway surrounding the nation’s capital in eight hour shifts until Sunday afternoon.

The group says the organized ride is in protest of “corruption”, and that they’re dissatisfied with the government. Police have stopped four truckers driving side-by-side, slowing traffic, but no major incidents have been reported during the capital cruisin’.

Hey it’s America, where we can exercise our freedom of speech. If they don’t mind wasting gas to make a point, do what you have to do.

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