Fast Food Workers: Our low wages are costing everyone

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HOUSTON, TX – Are fast food restaurants taking a bite out of your pocket?

Community activists say low wages at fast food joints are forcing workers to get on public assistance, and that’s costing us all.

“$556 million, this is what they [fast food chains] owe the state of Texas,” says Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell.

The group that’s fighting for workers to get a raise from roughly $8.00/hour on average to $15, tried to make their point by presenting the Burger King at 5930 on Richmond with a check depicting that amount which they say the industry owes. Unfortunately they were not let in the door.

But still the message was clear.

“For somebody that is a fast food worker that gets paid $7, $8 maybe $9 an hour… that’s about $14,000 a year,” says State Representative Armando Walle.

“This is a capitalist society, we all understand that. But we also know there needs to be some reasonableness… When they’re making record profits, there is an opportunity to give back to their workers,” Walle says.

Burger King had no comment.


  • melody Yarborough

    This is not a career its a temp job. If they pay them 15 dollars an hour that is ridiculous. Get a permanent real job

  • vapollo

    I like Newfix's stories but this report falls a little short. When stating that these fast food joints make billions you failed to mention that most of these businesses are franchises and therefore are small business owners.

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