Harris County has most domestic murders in Texas

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HARRIS COUNTY, TX – According to the Texas Council on Family Violence, 114 women were killed in domestic violence murders last year.  102 women were killed in 2011.

The group’s new report says 30 women were killed in Harris County from domestic violence in 2012. That’s more than any other county in Texas.

“The youngest [victim] was 15. She was strangled by her boyfriend in a hotel room. The oldest was 76, she was shot by her husband in their bedroom,” says Rebecca White, CEO of the Houston Area Women’s Center.

Gloria Terry, President of the Texas Council on Family violence says the report also claims that 61 children witnessed the death of their mothers last year. Five children died alongside.

In sharing the chilling data, the Houston Area Women’s Center wants women in trouble to know that services are available.

Their hotline number is 713-528-2121.

“I want to speak to the women and men out there who are victims of domestic violence,” said Devon Anderson, Harris County District Attorney  at a press conference Monday morning. “These offenses can cause shame and make you not report the crimes committed against you, but I encourage you to be strong… We will be with you, we will stand with you, we will prosecute your case, we will help you get services and counseling. Your life and the life of your children may depend on it.”

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