Man admits he’s had sex with 1000 cars

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YELM, WA – It’s no secret; most men are really into cars. Well, meet Edward Smith, he’s really into cars. Over the last 45 years he’s been making love with over a thousand lovers, only one has been a woman, the rest have been automobiles.

“It’s a continuous, sincere, affectionate and yes sexual expression of love, says Edward Smith.

His mechanophilia dates back to 1965, when he lost his “auto virginity” to his neighbor’s Volkswagen Beetle. From there he hasn’t looked back, virtually sleeping with, and making love to, hundreds of automobiles.

Though he’s been with many-a-car, he’s finally settling down with the one that he loves, “Vanilla”, a slightly used Volkswagen Beetle that he bought 30 years ago. Hey, if there’s ever a wedding, at least his “bride-ride” is wearing white.

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