Woman gets caught on drawbridge

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bridgeLUSHAN, CHINA – From China to Florida; this story serves as a grave reminder that when it comes to bridges humans cross at their own risk.

For example, in Lushan, China hundreds of people were crossing a bridge to board a ferry when the thing collapsed under the pressure. Almost everyone on the bridge went right into the drink and park employees had to rescue several people out of the water. Ten people were taken to the hospital.

Collapse isn’t the only weapon bridges have in their arsenal, however.

A rare bridge-attack in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was caught on camera when a woman who had just finished a Breast Cancer Walk somehow got caught on a drawbridge on its way up. The 55-year-old South Florida woman was stuck on the bridge, hanging on for dear life for 20 minutes until firefighters were able to hoist a ladder up to the dangling-darling and get her down.

Long story short; bridges play dirty, so don’t cross ’em!

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