Instagram Deletes Designer’s Account over Pubic Pic

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A controversial designer is being served up again on The Online Dish. Petra Collins, the designer behind American Apparel’s “Period Power” t-shirt, has had her Instagram account deleted after uploading an image of her unshaven bikini line.

The 20-year-old posted a snap of herself from the waist down wearing a bathing suit bottom with her pubic hair peeping out to the photo-sharing site last week.

After receiving so many complaints from users her account which used to have 25,000 followers has been deleted.

Collins said dozens of people deemed her self-portrait ‘horrible’ and ‘disgusting.’ While it is no longer visible on Instagram, it remains uncensored on her Twitter account.

Collins addressed her haters, writing: “To those who reported me, to those who are disgusted by my body . . . I want you to thoughtfully dissect your own reaction to these things.”

“Please think about WHY you felt this way, WHY this image was so shocking, WHY you have no tolerance for it.”

She continued: “Unlike the 5,883,628 (this is how many images are tagged #bikini) bathing suit images on Instagram mine depicted my own unaltered state – an unshaven bikini line.”

While I’m not a fan of the “pub pic”, she does bring up a great point. Why is this picture not ok to post but ones of Heidi Klum showing her tush and Kim K showing her “assests” and side-boob, why are those images OK? Is it because this showed pubic hair? God forbid some women are still au natural. I guarantee you that if she had done a little grooming, her account would still be up and running. Instagram, allow me to share something with you, no two women’s bodies are alike. Stop painting the picture of what you think is acceptable for a woman to show. If you’re going to have rules and regulations on what people can post, do that for everyone. Don’t bend the rules and censor what you think a woman’s body should look like. Not everyone’s picture perfect.

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.

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