15% of young Americans are not learning or working

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – We’ve heard a lot about the so-called boomerang generation: young adults who go back to their parents’ house after college in order to save money. Times are tough, we get it. But there’s a new creature in town, folks: those who haven’t even left the couch in the first place.

A new study suggests 15% of U.S. young people are neither in school nor working. We’re talking about 6 million individuals aged 16 to 24, which is more than the total population of countries such as Denmark, Finland, Norway, Costa Rica, Ireland or New Zealand.

The Opportunity Nation Coalition produced this study to raise awareness about the existing socioeconomic disparities across the nation. It looks like there are more than 100,000 idle youth in Houston and in many of the other large cities; and that’s not how you build a future for this country.

Though it’s ironic — people from all over the world would do anything to come to America to work or study; and these young fellows are just watching the train go by on TV.