China’s smog emergency shuts down an entire city

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HARBIN CITY, CHINA – It’s not a Klingon invasion, or even the Borg. It’s a red alert for smog. Forty times higher than the level considered safe for humans.

The combination of fog and pollution covered the northeast China city of Harbin last Thursday, putting its 11 million residents at risk.

And things got worse over the weekend when the government turned on the city’s coal-powered heating system. Schools closed, the airport shutdown, and one person said he couldn’t see the dog he was walking.

No one was hurt in a pile-up involving more than ten vehicles, but it could have been worse. Visibility was less than 50 feet.

The government is telling people not to go outside, but many people put on masks and ignored the warning.

Hey, what part of ‘stay inside so you can breathe’ don’t they understand?