Go Texans on Metro Buses: A show of support or free advertising

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HOUSTON, TX – Go Texans, as our home team, we root for them (not that it’s helped much lately).

But Orlando Sanchez, Harris County Treasurer, doesn’t think those slogans belong on our publicly funded Metro buses, nor messages for any of our other sports teams.

Sanchez thinks those messages are not appropriate on the destination signs on our cities buses, but are OK if the teams want to buy advertising on the buses.

Sanchez drafted a letter to the federal government asking if the Metro Transit Authority was misusing federal money showing slogans that promote private sector enterprises such as the Houston Texans.

While metro says, it’s nothing more than a show of support for our hometown teams.

A free show of support for local teams isn’t out of the ordinary in many cities.

So is it an unfair advertising advantage for those big corporations? Or a show of support for our local teams? What do you think?