New book claims RFK stole JFK’s brain

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Conveniently nestled between Halloween and the 50th anniversary of the tragic assassination of John F. Kennedy, a new book coming out claims JFK’s brother Robert Kennedy stole his brains!

All the evidence from JFK’s assassination is supposed to be in the National Archives. But in 1966, it was discovered that someone had swiped the stainless-steel container that contained the brain, tissue slides and other autopsy materials.

An investigation at the time led nowhere, but author James Swanson believes John’s brother Bobby is behind the case of the lost lobes.

Was RFK a zombie?

Was it a government conspiracy to cover up details of the assassination?

Probably not.

Swanson claims the family wanted to conceal the extent of his suffering from Addison’s disease, and how many medications he was taking.

Secrets huh?  Nope, JFK didn’t have ANY of those.