Poll: Majority of Texans support legalizing marijuana

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potAUSTIN, TX – Pot heads would consider the following, good news. There’s a poll out, conducted for the folks at the “Marijuana Policy Project” saying 58% of the 860 Texan respondents support changing Texas laws to regulate pot, much like how alcohol and tobacco is.

Of course, we still have those who oppose the law.

14% “Somewhat oppose” and 24% “strongly oppose” the full legalization of herb.

61% are in favor of removing criminal penalties for those who are holding an ounce or less of the sticky icky, and make it a civil, not a criminal offense, with fines maxing out at $100 and no jail time.

But before you go light up, keep in mind, legislation plays a big part in all this and we all know how slow this sort of legislation can move. The legislature is what will, if ever, get the ball rolling on this, not Texas citizens, and the Texas legislature is pretty conservative. That’s just the hazy reality.

If you’re really fed up, there’s always Colorado or Washington.