Teacher in Nevada school shooting dies protecting students

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SPARKS, NV – A hero, in every sense of the word. We’re learning more about the schoolyard shooting in Nevada where police say a teacher’s split second decision caused his death, but may have saved lives.

Sparks Police say an unnamed 12-year-old boy reportedly opened fire, killing teacher Mike Landsberry before turning the gun on himself. Two other students were injured in the shooting.

“During the incident after the first student was shot, Mr. Landsberry calmly walked towards the shooter, putting his hands up in a motion to try to stop the individual’s actions,” said Chief Mike Mieras, Washoe County School District Police. “Mr. Landsberry was fatally shot in the chest. Mr. Landsberry’s heroic actions by stepping towards the shooter allowed time for other students on the playground area to flee the area.”

“He was the type of person that would, you know, the student who came in did what he did, he probably tried to talk the kid down and protect whoever he could. So, that sounds like Mike,” said Reggie Landsberry, Brother of Shooting Victim.

The weapon? A Ruger 9mm semiautomatic gun.

Out of respect for the parents, police say they don’t plan to release the name of the suspect just yet. Also still unknown? A motive. But really, is there ever an explanation for something so horrible?