Crime fighting dogs sniff it out at the K9 Olympics

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HOUSTON, TX – The Olympics have gone to the dogs. No really. In Humble, the doggie Olympics.

50 K9’s and their handlers from law enforcement agencies mostly from Houston, (but also from around the Lone Star State) sniffed out the competition.

The categories? Obstacle course, narcotics detection, explosive detection, and patrol, not to mention taking down the bad guys.

But it’s not all fun and games. These Olympics have a bigger message to convey.

“It also helped us to remove the stigma. When people think of K9s, they’re bad dogs that bite people. They don’t. They apprehend suspects and everything they do is on command,” said Liz Lara-Carreno, Executive Director of K9s4COPs.

“K9’s do such important work,” Lara-Carreno added. “They search and apprehend suspects, they search for narcotics, they search for explosives. They do things that humans can’t do.”

Looks like all these dogs deserve a gold medal.

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