Driver confronts cyclists with baseball bat

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CONROE, TX – Why can’t people just share the road?

Remember that crazy video out of New York where the driver of an SUV ran over a couple guys in a biker gang?

Now a cycling club out of Montgomery County has its own story and video, to share.

Before one of the cyclists started recording, a man now identified as Sherman Clark, 74, drove past the group on a Conroe road, yelling at them.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Officials say Clark ran one of the guys off the road and slammed on his brakes, causing one of the guys to run into the back of the car. The, he pulled over and emerged from the car with a baseball bat.

In the video, Clark says he has the bat to protect himself and accused the cyclists of ‘ridin’ all over the damn road.’

As the cyclists point out in the video, Clark drove past them initially with no problem.

He should have just kept driving.

Instead, deputies now have video evidence of him running over one of the bikes and driving away from the accident.

Clark returned, only to be greeted by deputies.

He was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and felony criminal mischief.

Maybe he also needs anger management.

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