Five injured on ride at North Carolina State Fair

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RALEIGH, NC – A night of fun turned into a nightmare for fair-goers after a ride went haywire at the North Carolina State Fair.

It happened on the ‘Vortex’, a thrill ride that flips passengers upside down.

People were getting off the ride when it suddenly restarted.

“All of a sudden I heard a pop, and I heard people hitting the metal floor of the ride. People were running and screaming and I could see people just lying there not moving,” said one witness.

Some passengers were thrown off the ride while others held on for dear life.

“It just sounded like a bunch of stuff hitting metal–and that was it.”

Five people went to the hospital–two are critical.

The North Carolina Department of Labor says the rides at the fair are supposed to be inspected three times a day.

However, the Vortex may have had problems earlier this week.

“We did have one complaint Monday night. The ride inspectors did what they were supposed to, they went and checked it out and everything was working properly,” said Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison.

Was it an omen?

Eleven years ago on October 24, 2002, a worker was killed at the North Carolina State Fair when a similar ride called the ‘Banzai’ hit him in the head.

Back in September, a bunch of kids were hurt on a carnival ride in Connecticut.

In July, a woman fell off the Texas Giant roller coaster and died.

You got to ask yourself–are these cheap thrills really worth it?

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