Houston man shot, killed by police after stabbing mother

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HOUSTON, TX – Houston police say they responded to a domestic disturbance between a mother and her son at the Simmons Garden Senior Citizen Housing apartments.

“They knocked on the door several times, and at one point, the suspect answers he’s holding a hammer and then he shuts the door,” said Jodi Silva, Houston Police Department spokesperson.

More officers arrive.

“They hear the female inside screaming for help,” Silva said.

HPD says officers peeked in a window to see the suspect armed with a large knife and a hammer.

“At one point, the suspect then grabs the female and begins dragging her down the hallway of the apartment.”

That’s when police say they feared the 47-year old woman’s life is in danger, and attempted to break in through the barricaded door to no avail. The officers then bust through the front windows.

“They can see the suspect with the female. He’s crouching with a knife poised above her.”

Only one of these two will make it out alive. Police say the suspect was given multiple commands to drop the knife.

“At a certain point, he raises his knife as if he’s about to stab the female again. And that’s when the officer discharges his weapon.”

But police say that wasn’t enough to stop him.

“The suspect was struck, but he then again attempts to stab the female victim.”

But not before officer’s opened fire on the man one last time.  The son is dead. The mother was taken to Ben Taub Hospital in serious condition.

There’s no happy ending here, folks; just a deadly one.

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