JonBenet Ramsey’s parents indicted but not prosecuted

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BOULDER, CO – JonBenet Ramsey would have been 23-years-old, maybe a college graduate, maybe a mother with a young daughter of her own.

But 17 years ago this coming Christmas, someone killed her in the family’s Boulder, Colorado, home, and to this day, only the killer knows who did it.

And now, there’s a new legal stick to muddy the waters of the investigation.

A Boulder judge released four pages of signed grand jury documents pertaining only to John and Patsy Ramsey, two pages each, not the 18 pages the judge said on Wednesday that he would release.

The papers show that in 1999 the grand jury recommended indicting the Ramseys for child abuse resulting in death.

The grand jurors believed the Ramseys put their daughter in a situation that resulted in her murder, and that they were accessories by trying to prevent the arrest of the killer or killers.

Alex hunter was the DA at the time. He says he chose not to indict because he did not have enough evidence.

In 2008, former DA Mary Lacy did a DNA test on JonBenet’s clothes that cleared the Ramseys and their son. But it turned up DNA of someone else.

She also officially apologized to the John Ramsey and said her office intended to treat him and his family as victims.

Patsy died of ovarian cancer in 2006.

Meanwhile, a half-a-world away in Portugal, police have re-opened the case of Madeleine McCann who disappeared from a family vacation in 2007 when she was 3-years-old.

The re-newed investigation comes after police found new evidence during an internal review of the original investigation.

Earlier this month, Scotland Yard released this sketch of someone they said they would really like to talk to.

He fit the description of man seen carrying a young blonde girl at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance.

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