Man moves into dumpster to raise awareness for the homeless

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PASADENA, TX – What would you do to help the homeless? Give ’em a dollar at the traffic light? Take ’em a warm meal on holidays? What about living in a dumpster for three days? That’s what Langdon Cassidy is doing in Pasadena.

“I’m trying to bring awareness to people for what it’s like for a homeless person to actually be living in dumpster,” explains Cassidy, “It can result in your death. Nobody should be living in a dumpster at any time.”

He’s also accepting donations of blankets, coats and other clothes that he and wife Jessica will distribute to folks on the streets. And people have been responding in droves, including Amanda Nguyen, a mom with dyed blood-red hair and green glasses.

“About 13 years ago, I was pregnant and homeless, and a really good friend of mine took me in,” says Nguyen, “Today you can know somebody and they can be fortunate, and tomorrow they’ll be the ones living in their car.”

“I grew up in a bubble. I always thought homelessness was outside of America, outside of Houston,” says Langdon’s wife Jessica. “But my husband has opened my eyes that we have that problem in Houston, in LaPorte, in Pasadena.”

The idea for all this came to Langdon while he was sleeping, “I had a dream that I was in a dumpster, and I was just receiving and receiving, and I never really knew what it was, and I had the dream a couple more times, and prayed on it… and this is where I’m at. This is where I’m supposed to be.”

Must be! He got Waste Management to donate the dumpster free, and the Shell gas station where he’s located had no qualms at all when he asked to use their space. Langdon explains, “It wasn’t 30 seconds that he said, ‘You’re welcome to be anywhere on my property that you want at all.'”

Tamer William, the gas station owner, says, “It didn’t surprise us that (Langdon) wanted to do that because we know how good of a person he is. He’s always coming by with the cookies and the fudge on Thanksgiving and Christmas, so it doesn’t surprise us at all.”

“He cares about other people more than he cares about his own self,” says Langdon’s friend Mike Soileau, “which is not a normal thing these days.”

Langdon will be in the dumpster at the Shell station at 7505 Spencer Hwy. in Pasadena through Saturday night at about 10 o’clock. He encourages folks to stop by and drop off blankets, coats and anything else homeless folks might need. But he says he hopes folks’ generosity doesn’t stop there, “It doesn’t have to be me that they drop it off to…There’s a lot of people out there hurting. Whatever you were doing to bring something for somebody else, you can keep doing it yourself.”

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